Promotion in Ukraine


Updated: 24.01.2019

Author: Anna Pobłocka-Dirakis

Summary of support schemes

Feed-in tariff. The guaranteed buyer is obliged to buy the electricity generated by renewable energy plants at “green tariff” rates. The “green tariff” is granted to all RES technologies (up to a capacity of 10 MW in the case of hydro power). Additionally, the electricity produced from private households equipped with solar panels or wind turbines, both technologies having a capacity up to 30 kW, can also benefit from feed-in tariffs. There is also an additional premium for producers using at least 30% of equipment of Ukrainian origin.


In general, all renewable electricity generation technologies are eligible for support.

Statutory provisions

  • Act on Market of Electric Energy (ЗАКОН УКРАЇНИ Про ринок електричної енергії – The Law of Ukraine about the Market of Electric Energy)
  • Law No. 555-IV (Закон N 555-IV про альтернативні джерела енергії - Law No. 555-IV on Alternative Energy Sources)
  • NERC Decree No. 251 (Постанова НКРЕ від 14.03.2013 № 251 "Про внесення змін до Порядку встановлення, перегляду та припинення дії «зеленого» тарифу для суб’єктів господарської діяльності" - Decree No. 251 of NERC from 14 March 2013 on Amendments to the Procedure for the Establishment, Revision and Termination of the "Green" Tariff for Business Entities)


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