Use of the grid

Updated: 06.02.2019

Author: Moira Jimeno

Entitled party. All electricity producers are entitled to the usage of the grid (Art. 56, 65 RD 1955/2000). 


Process flow

  • Grid connection
  • The claim for purchase and transmission arises when the plant is connected to the grid.
  • The grid operator is then obliged to accept and transmit the electricity.

RES-E plants below 100 kV of capacity connected to networks with voltage below 1 kV (1000 kV capacity and 36 kV line voltage for biomass plants) benefit of a simplified procedure with lower administrative requirements (RD 1699/2011)


In general, the grid operator shall satisfy his obligation to take in RES electricity unconditionally and without undue delay. 

Obligation to inform

The procedure to be followed by the transmission grid operator is described in PO 3.7. In summary, the transmission grid operator, via the CECRE and the generation control centres connected to it, may send instructions to the RES production facilities. RES facilities must comply with these instructions within 15 minutes.

Priority to renewable energy

  • Priority to renewable energy
  • Non-discrimination

Electricity from renewable sources shall be fed in and dispatched with priority, i.e. prior to electricity from conventional sources of energy. (L 24/2013 Art. 26.2)


 The transmission grid operator may reduce electricity imports for the following reasons: grid stability or short-circuit power warnings, grid congestion, inadequate active or reactive power levels, production variations, balancing issues and minimum load. RES generators may be curtailed only after conventional generators have been curtailed wherever possible. In practice, wind farms are curtailed more often than other RES installations (Art. 56, 65, 52 –RD 1955/2000).

Distribution of costs

Plant operator

The costs of feeding in and transmission of electricity are borne by the plant operator through a fee given to the grid operator (Art. 13.2.a L 24/2013).

Distribution mechanism

There are no special mechanisms allowing for the costs to be passed on to the consumers


Further information

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