Certification Programmes for RES installations

Updated: 14.02.2019

Author: Saša Rajković

Producers of energy from RES may request an issue of a declaration, with which they prove that the energy produced comes from an installation using RES.
The declaration is issued on request (please use the form available on this site: Link) to a power plant operator, which proves that the power plant operates within the prescribed parameters for RES power plant.

The declaration itself is issued by the Energy Agency (in an administrative procedure - § 1 ZUP) upon request and only for a limited time. Declarations for RES power plants are issued for a period of up to 5 years. The Agency also runs a register for all declarations (data about the power plant, measurement places, issue date of the declaration and its expiration) and may withdraw its issued certificate/declaration document.


The programme is addressed to all power plant owners (regardless of their energy source). 

Competent authority

Energy Agency

Distribution of costs


The programme is financed from the state budget. 


Further information

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