Exemplary role of public authorities in accordance with Art. 13 Abs, 5 RES Directive

Updated: 14.02.2019

Author: Saša Rajković

The Public Procurement Act and the Decree on Green Public Procurement demand that the public sector, when procuring any goods, works or services, is obliged to a so called “green procurement”. This means that the public authority specifying a procurement has to make it clear that the subject of procurement are less environmentally burdensome goods, services or constructions.

Apart from that, when awarding a contract, the basic environmental requirements need to be taken into account in accordance with the decree (§ 2 Decree on Green Public Procurement).

Regarding RES, the electricity produced by RES is given priority over electricity from conventional sources when bought in the public sector (either 40% or 100% of the electricity must be RES – Electricity) (Annex 1 of the Decree on Green Public Procurement: Link).


The public sector in the Republic of Slovenia.

Competent authority

Inspectorate for Environmental Affairs


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