Subsidy (“Programul privind instalarea sistemelor de incalzire care utilizeaza energie regenerabile, inclusive inlocuirea sau completarea sistemelor clasice de incalzire, beneficiari persoane fizice”)

Updated: 18.01.2019

Author: Silvia Nicola

The Romanian Environmental Fund subsidises projects for the protection of the environment. Under the Programme for installing heating systems using renewable energy sources including replacing or complementing classical heating systems grants are allocated to applicants being natural persons introducing renewable energy sources for heating and cooling.  The programme is designed to run multi-annually within budgetary limits of the Administration of the Environmental Fund (Art 3, par. 2 Annex Order No. 1817/2016). The sum allocated for each session will be distributed among the Romanian counties according to their population number. The budget for the 2016 session is 80 million RON (approx. € 18 million) (Art. 3. par 3 Annex Order No. 1817/2016). 

Eligible technologies

The programme subsidises projects installing thermal installations from all forms of renewable energy sources (Art.7, par. 1 Annex Order No. 1818/2016).

Aerothermal energy


Hydrothermal energy


Geothermal energy


Solar thermal energy



The subsidy can cover up to 90% of a projects’ costs. The maximum amount of financing for public institution is set at RON 2 million (approx. € 450,000), for religious institutions at RON 500,000 (appox. € 112,000) and for administrative—territoria units between RON 500,000 (approx. € 110,000) and RON 4 million (approx. € 900,000) depending on the populations’ number (Art. 10 Annex Order No. 1818/2016). 


Entitled parties: The scheme applies to Romanian administrative-territorial units, public institutions and religious units. Besides these characteristics, these entities must comply with specific further conditions before applying for the financing. These conditions are (but not limited to): no delays into tax payings, no convictions of the legal representative of the entity, proof of being able to finance the restly 10% of the project, proof of owning or having in administration the object subject to renovations. (art. 8 Annex Order No. 1818/2016).


Process flow

    • For each financing session the steps for applying for the financing are: 
    • Publishing on the AFM Website the financing guide together with the announcement of the opening of a new session
    • Submission of the application
    • Evaluation of the eligibility of the applicant
    • Approval of the applications
    • Publishing on the Webpage of a list with approved and dismissed applications
    • Resolving filed objections
    • Closing of financing contracts
    • Implementation of the project (Art. 7, par a. to h. Annex Order 1817/2016). 

Competent authority

The Administration of the Environmental Fund (AFM) manages the Romanian Environmental Fund and its programmes. It is responsible for the application procedure and monitoring (art. 3 Law on the Environmental Fund).

Distribution of costs


The costs are covered by AFM's budget. Thus, the state bears the costs.


Further information

  • AFM – Administratia Fondului pentru Mediu (Administration of the Environmental Fund)
  • +4 021 319 48 49
  • AFM website
  • afm(at)

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