RES-H building obligations

Updated: 18.01.2019

Author: Crisitna Blajin

Building obligations for RES-H are neither specified nor announced for the future. 

However, for new building projects with a surface of more than 1000 m², Law No. 372/2005 recommends the consideration of using renewable energy sources for decentralised energy supply in the planning process as also for buildings in the process of being renovated to a great extent (art. 9 (2) and 10 (1) Law No. 372/2005). This is a recommendation rather than obligation. 

In addition, for buildings erected after 31 December 2020 it is desirable that their energy consumption from conventional sources will be nearly 0. For new buildings owned or administrated by the public administration this endeavour should be supported even since 31 December 2018 (Art. 14 Law No. 372/2005).

Obligated entities

The use of renewable energy sources in new buildings as recommended by Law No. 372/2005 shall be considered in the feasibility study in the course of the licensing process (art. 10 par. 3 Law No. 372/2005). Thus, the recommendation is addressed to the applicant for a building licence. 

Competent authority

The Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism is responsible for implementing the provisions described.

Further information

Further information on the requirements for buildings’ energy performance can be obtained here: 

Obligation on regional level



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