Biofuel quota

Updated: 19.02.2019

Author: Stijn Anciaux

The law of 18 December 2009 obliges oil companies releasing petrol and diesel for consumption to fulfil a defined quota of biofuels per year (Art. 1 (1), Loi du 17 décembre 2010).

Eligible technologies

Only biofuels are eligible. 


Eligible, provided they meet the requirements of the European directive 2003/30/CE (Art. 1 (1), Loi du 17 décembre 2010).


Amount of quota and period of application

The providers of petrol or diesel fuels have to ensure that biofuels make up at least 5.85% of the company’s total annual sale of fuel (Art. 4 (1) Loi du 2 décembre 2018).

Fees and penalty charges

If a provider fails to fulfil the quota, he shall pay a pollution tax amounting to  €1,200 per 1,000 Litre of biofuels that was not blended with the annual amount of petrol or diesel products sold (Art. 1 (3), Loi du 17 décembre 2010).


The quota obligation applies to all registered oil companies offering petrol or diesel products for consumption (Art. 1 (1), Loi du 17 décembre 2010).


Process flow

The obliged companies shall prove the fulfillment of the blending obligation by means of certification documents (Art. 1 (2), Loi du 17 décembre 2010).

Competent authority

The Administration of Environment is in charge of controlling the amount of biofuels blended within petrol or diesel fuels. The Custom and Excise Administration is in charge of collecting the pollution tax (Art. 1 (5), Loi du 17 décembre 2010).

Distribution of costs


The costs are borne by the consumers.

Distribution mechanism

The obliged companies pass on the costs arising from the quota obligation to the consumers by adding a surcharge to their fuel.


Further information

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