Grid issues in Lithuania


Updated: 19.12.2018

Author: Jurga Tallat-Kelpšaitė

Summary of grid issues

Connection to the grid

The heat supplier is obliged to connect all RES heating devices of independent heat producers that were installed to replace plants fired by fossil fuels. RES heating devices are connected to the heat transmission network at the technically suitable point which is closest to the heating device to be connected, unless there is a more technically and economically suitable connection point. The connection costs are covered by the independent heat producer. In addition, natural gas system operators are required to accept biogas into the natural gas systems, if biogas producer complies with the technical, quality and other requirements in the Law on Energy from Renewable Sources. When connecting a new biogas plant to the existing natural gas transmission or distribution system, pressure at the connection point shall not exceed the maximum allowable working pressure of the system. 

Use of the grid

There is a priority purchase obligation for renewable heat. Heat suppliers shall purchase all renewable heat generated by independent heat producers that is cheaper than the heat produced by the heat supplier himself and which satisfy environmental and quality requirements as well as standards for the security of supply, unless the supply of renewable heat generated by independent heat producers exceeds the consumers’ heat demand. If renewable heat is produced by two or more independent producers, priority is given to the one whose selling price is lowest. 

Statutory provisions

  • Law on Energy from Renewable Sources (Atsinaujinančių išteklių energetikos įstatymas)
  • Law on Heat Sector (Šilumos ūkio įstatymas)
  • Resolution No. O3-74/2013 (Šilumos supirkimo iš nepriklausomų šilumos gamintojų tvarkos ir salygų aprašas – Description of the Procedure and the Conditions for the Purchase of Heat from Independent Heat Producers)
  • Order No. 1-115/2012 (Naujų gamtinių dujų sistemų, tiesioginių vamzdynų ir biodujų gamybos įrenginių prijungimo prie veikiančių gamtinių dujų perdavimo ar skirstymo sistemų tvarkos ir sąlygų aprašas - Description of procedure and conditions for the connection of new natural gas systems, direct pipelines and biogas plants to the existing natural gas transmission or distribution systems)


Further information

  • Lietuvos šilumos tiekėjų asociacija (LŠTA) – Lithuanian District Heating Association (LDHA)
  • +370 5 266 7025
  • LDHA website
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