Grid issues in Liechtenstein


Updated: 10.01.2019

Author: Jörn Banasiak

Provisions in detail

Summary of grid issues

Connection to the grid

Grid operators are obligated to connect producers of electricity to the grid. Connection is to be carried out in a non discriminatory manner. Electricity from renewable energy sources is not given priority. The principality of Liechtenstein operates an autonomous distribution grid, however for the connection of a plant directly to the transmission grid, terms and conditions of the TSO Swissgrid apply. 

Statutory provisions

  • EMG (Elektrizitätsmarktgesetz - Electricity Market Act)
  • EMV (Elektrizitätsmarktverordnung - Electricity Market Regulation)
  • TBB (Technische Betriebliche Bestimmungen - Technical operational provisions)


Further information

  • Liechtensteinische Kraftwerke (grid operator)
  • +423 236 01 11
  • LKW website