RES-H building obligations

Updated: 18.01.2019

Author: Ilze Upatniece

When constructing a building, it is recommended to evaluate the possibility to use renewable energy installations, for example decentralised energy supply installations, CHP installations, local heating and cooling installations or heat pumps (§ 5 Law on the Energy Performance of Buildings). In Latvia, energy certification must be carried out for buildings to be constructed, reconstructed or renovated; for operational buildings for sale or rent and for public buildings with heated area over 250m2 (§ 7 Law on the Energy Performance of Buildings). If the heating energy demand of a residential building exceeds 150 kWh per square metre and year, measures to improve energy efficiency are to be implemented. According to the Ministry of Economics, local authorities' planning documents shall be such as to create conditions promoting the use of renewable energy in buildings.  

Obligated entities

Owners of buildings

Competent authority

The Ministry of Economy

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Detailed information on the method of calculating the energy performance of buildings is available here:

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