Grid development

Updated: 18.01.2019

Author: Ilze Upatniece

The grid operator is obliged to upgrade and expand the grid according to the general legislation on energy (§ 9 par. 1 Electricity Market Law). According to the transmission grid operator, a plant operator may be entitled to a grid upgrade only if the grid operator has agreed on the upgrade by contract and if the plant operator bears the costs.


Process flow

The grid operator is obligated to operate and maintain the grid within its area of responsibility (§ 9 par. 1 Electricity Market Law). The exact procedure is specified in the provisions of the grid regulator. According to the grid regulator, the grid operator is obligated to the grid regulator to expand the grid.

Distribution of costs

Plant operator

The costs of grid development are borne by the plant operator if the development is necessary to connect and operate his plant (par. 12 Regulation No. 280).

Distribution mechanism

According to the regulatory authority, the grid operator may pass on the costs of developing the grid to the consumers by imposing grid use charges.


Further information

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