Promotion in Ireland


Updated: 08.01.2019

Author: Georgios Maroulis

Summary of support schemes

  • Biofuel quota (Biofuels Obligation Scheme - BOS) : The Biofuels Obligation Scheme (BOS) obliges fuel suppliers to include a certain percentage of biofuels in their annual fuel sales. The scheme is administrated by a state agency (the National Oil Reserves Agency - NORA). 


The quota system (BOS) applies to biofuels only.

Statutory provisions

  • BOS 2010 (Energy (Biofuel Obligation and Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2010) 
  • NORA 2007 (National Oil Reserves Agency Act 2007 (Biofuel Obligation Rate) Order 2016) 
  • S.I. 483/2014 (European Union (Renewable Energy) Regulations 2014) 


Further information

  • Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR)
  • +353 167 82 000
  • DCENR website