RD&D Policy

Updated: 17.01.2019

Author: Georgios Maroulis

“Ai Stratis - the first green island” is a project aiming at covering the total electricity consumption of Ai Stratis, a non-interconnected small island in the Aegean Sea, using RES technologies. At first, 85% of the electricity consumption will be covered by RES; later, the the target is for the island to become completely self-sufficient. Further plans include the installation of wind farms (500 kW), a PV farm (100 kW) and geothermal heat pumps as well as the introduction of hydrogen-fuelled cars. The project was initiated in 2011 but was not fully implemented. In 2017, the project is expected to re-initiate as it will secure funds from the National Reference Strategic Framework (NRSF) 2014-2020.


Municipality of Ai Stratis, research institutes (such as the CRES - Centre for Renewable Energy Sources) and private companies.

Competent authority


Further information


http://www.hellenicparliament.gr/UserFiles/bcc26661-143b-4f2d-8916-0e0e66ba4c50/e-prodrom-pap-olo.pdf   (Re-initiation of the programme, financing the construction of hybrid RES plant and teleheating infrastructure).

external="1">http://www.hellenicparliament.gr/UserFiles/bcc26661-143b-4f2d-8916-0e0e66ba4c50/e-prodrom-pap-olo.pdf (Procurement of the environmental permitting of Ai Stratis energy system)


Further information

  • Κέντρο Ανανεώσιμων Πηγών Ενέργειας και Εξοικονόμησης Ενέργειας - Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES) - energy agency
  • +30 210 660 33 00
  • CRES website
  • cres(at)cres.gr
  • Υπουργείο Περιβάλλοντος και Ενέργειας - Ministry of Environment and Energy (YPEN- MEE)
  • +30 210 6965 902
  • Ministry website