Exemplary role of public authorities in accordance with art. 13 par. 5 RES Directive

Updated: 17.01.2019

Author: Georgios Maroulis

From 2019 onwards, all public buildings should be almost zero-energy buildings (art.9 Law No. 4122/2013). In addition, three percent of the total surface area of public buildings should be renovated yearly in order to meet at least the energy efficiency minimum requirements (art. 7 Law No.4342/2015 in conjunction with art.9 Law No. 4122/2013). Apart from that, administrative regions and municipalities should compose an energy efficiency plan that contains specific objectives and actions concerning energy efficiency. This plan should be updated every two years (art. 7 Law No.4322/2015). Furthermore, public administration bodies should purchase products, services and buildings with high energy performance that is consistent with the economic efficiency, economic feasibility, sustainability, technical suitability, and sufficient competition (art.8 Law No. 4322/2015). Finally, a “Green Public Procurement” Committee is established (art.24 Law No. 4342/2015). The Committee is in charge of designing a National Action for “Green Public Procurement” within eighteen (18) months after its establishment (art.24 Law No. 4342/2015). In September 2018, MEE published its “National Plan for the increase of Near Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB)” that was open for public consultation. The Plan includes the definition of NZEB along with the description of the current situation of buildings in Greece. Furthermore, policies and measures concerning the increase of NZEB’s percentage are also included.


Public sector (local administrative bodies, public enterprises, organisations and legal entities financed from the national budget)

Competent authority

Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, regional planning authorities

Further information


Further information

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