Updated: 11.01.2019

Name (orig)

Erneuerbare-Energien- Wärmegesetz –EEWärmeG

Name (English)

Act to Promote Renewable Energy for Heating Purposes (Renewable Energies Heat Act- EEWärmeG)

Full name

Gesetz zur Förderung Erneuerbarer Energien im Wärmebereich (Erneuerbare-Energien- Wärmegesetz –EEWärmeG)

Entry into force


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In the light of climate protection, conservation of fossil resources and reduction of energy import dependence, this act aims to stimulate sustainable energy supply and technology development to enhance the production of heat and cooling from renewable energy

Relevance for renewable energy

The act aims to enlarge the share of heat and cooling produced from renewable energy to 14% in 2020 by setting the regulatory framework (§1 (2) EEWärmeG). The act stipulates an exemplary role for public buildings (§1a EEWärmeG)


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