RD&D Policies (Solar Construction and energy-efficient cities)

Updated: 14.01.2019

Author: Tim Sternkopf

The programme “Solares Bauen/Energieffiziente Stadt” fixes grants without repayment for researching entities to conduct R&D projects as well as demonstration projects in construction based on high energy-efficiency and renewable energies. The amount of support:

  • Up to 50% of project costs are eligible for commercial enterprises (§ 6 Solar Construction Programme)
  • Up to 100% of project costs are eligible for research institutes and universities (§ 6 Solar Construction Programme)

Subject of support are multi-stores buildings in metropolitan areas. The construction concepts with innovative integration of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies are intended not to increase the rents for social-policy reasons. Buildings are obliged to use a high share of renewable energy for electricity and heat generation. This also includes the specifications for the building envelope.

Project applications need to be submitted to the contracted office, Projektträger Jülich (PtJ), for the administrative processes of the programme.


Eligible parties need to prove the technical expertise in the field. These include facilities of municipalities, federal states, universities, research institutes, public organizations and companies. Small and medium-sized enterprises are specially encouraged to participate in the programme (§ 4 Solar Construction Programme).

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