Certification Programmes for RES installations (Technical Requirements/Certification)

Updated: 14.01.2019

Author: Tim Sternkopf

When connecting a plant to the grid, the grid operators are required to comply with the technical requirements for the particular technology defined in the respective guidelines (§ 19 par. 1 EnWG). All technologies have to comply with the pollution guidelines set out in the BImSchG. Moreover, the support schemes for renewable energy sources lay out detailed technical requirements. The following certificates are required for the respective technology:

  • PV plants require Solar Keymark certificate (§ 14 par. 2 section 1.; Anlage I. EEWärmeG)
  • Biomass plants are regulated depending on the substance (§ 14 par. 2 section 2.; Anlage II. EEWärmeG) and must fulfil different DIN standards.
  • Heat pumps require one of the following labels: “Euroblume”, “Blauer Engel”, “European Quality Label for Heat Pumps” (§ 14 par. 2 section 3. EEWärmeG)


Plant operators need to comply with the technical requirements. 

Competent authority

The grid operator has to ensure that the plant complies with the standards before connecting the plant to the grid (§ 19 par. 1 EnWG).

Distribution of costs


The costs are passed on to the buyer in form of higher prices.


Further information

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