RD&D Policies (Investissements d’avenir)

Updated: 07.02.2019

Author: Helena Vidalic

In 2010, following the conclusions of a commission on strategic investment priorities and domestic borrowing, the government decided the allocation of € 35 billion for the support of investments in several sectors such as higher education and research as well as sustainable development. The “Investments for the Future” programme (“Investissements d’Avenir”) was thus created in order to promote the development of projects fostering innovation and creating non-relocatable jobs in these sectors. Within this framework, the French Energy Agency ADEME is responsible for the implementation of the environmental and energy transition. As such, it has been granted a budget of € 3.3 billion in 2014 to support innovative projects for the developments of smart grid and renewable energies. In 2018, ADEME received a budget of € 540 million; in 2019, the budget should total € 761 million. 

On the basis of strategic roadmaps, the ADEME publishes call for expression of interest for companies. 


Companies are eligible to the call for expression of interest.

Competent authority

The competent authority is the French energy agency ADEME.

Further information

Information on the “Investments for the Future” programme can be found on the website of the French energy agency under: 


Further information

  • Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l‘Energie (ADEME) – Energy Agency
  • +33 241 204 120
  • ADEME website