Policy in Finland


Updated: 07.01.2019

Author: Karl Wikberg

Summary of policies

  • In 2013, the Finnish government introduced a training and certification programme for installers which is carried out by the energy agency MOTIVA OY. Concerning the building sector, new legislation regulating energy efficiency requirements for new buildings entered into force in 2015. 
  • Research and development in relation to renewable energies is supported by the state through grants. 
  • RES-H infrastructure development is also supported through investment subsidies.

Statutory provisions

  • Regulation No. 1063/2012 (Valtioneuvoston asetus energiatuen myöntämisen yleisista ehdoista 1063/2012 – Government Decree on General Terms and Conditions for Granting Energy Aid)


Further information

  • Fingrid – transmission system operator
  • +358 303 955 000
  • Fingrid website