Promotion in Denmark


Updated: 04.01.2019

Author: Karl Wikberg

Summary of support schemes

  • Tax regulation mechanism – In Denmark, there are different taxes on the production, processing, possession, receipt and dispatch of fossil fuels for heating. Renewable energy sources are exempt from these taxes. 
  • Price based mechanism. The use of biogas for heating purposes is supported through a direct premium tariff. 


All renewable energy technologies are exempt from the tax obligation. Only biogas is eligible for the price based mechanism.

Statutory provisions

  • Act 1118/2014 (Lov om energiafgift af mineralolieprodukter m.v. – Act on the Energy Tax on Mineral Oil Products etc.)
  • Act 1292/2010 (Lov om afgift af stenkul, brunkul og koks m.v. – Act on the Taxes on Coal, Lignite and Coke)
  • Act 321/2011 (Lov om kuldioxidafgift af visse energiprodukter - Act on the Carbon Dioxide Tax on Certain Energy Products)
  • VE-Lov (Lov om fremme af vedvarende energi No. 1288/2016 – Law on the Promotion of Renewable Energy)


Further information

  • Energi-, Forsynings- og Klimaministeriet (ESKM) – Danish Ministry of Energy,- Utilities and Climate
  • +45 33 92 28 00
  • EFKM website
  • efkm(at)