Training programmes for installers

Updated: 04.01.2019

Author: Karl Wikberg

The training programmes for installers in Denmark are not regulated by law. There are quality assurance agreements between the Danish Technological Institute, installers associations and the Danish Energy Agency.

In general, there are two training schemes for installers: the Quality Assurance Scheme (Danish name: KSO) and the Heat Pump Scheme (Danish name: VPO).

  • The KSO scheme applies to the solar heating, solar panel and biofuel sectors. It certifies installers working with these types of installations. 
  • The second scheme – VPO – is a training course for heat pump installers. 

Denmark recognises training and certification schemes from other Member States.


RES plant installers

Competent authority

Danish Energy Agency

Further information

Further information on both schemes is available at: and

Distribution of costs

Private Financing

In general, the trainees themselves have to bear the costs of a training course. 


A company which wants its employees to attend a training course may apply for support from a special fund, the Electricity Skills Development Fund (Elbranchens Kompetenceudviklingsfond). The Fund was established by TEKNIQ (Danish Mechanical and Electrical Contractors’ Association) and the Danish Electricity Association (Dansk El-Forbund). Its aim is to provide funding for the training of employees. 


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