RD&D Policies (The Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme EUDP)

Updated: 04.01.2019

Author: Karl Wikberg

The programme “Energiteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram” (EUDP) supports the development, demonstration and market-introduction of innovative sustainable energy technologies (§ 2 Act 555/2007). The aim of this programme is to promote the efficient use of energy and help Denmark to become independent from fossil energy by 2050. 

Funding will be allocated through a tender process. The tenders will take place 2-3 times a year. The decisions on the amount of funding to be provided and the projects to be supported are made by an independent committee appointed by the Minister of Climate, Energy and Building.

The precondition for receiving grants is that a private investor or applicant’s partner is willing to finance more than a half of the project and to commercialise its results. 


The eligible addressees are public or private companies or knowledge institutions (§ 7 Act 555/2007).

Competent authority

Danish Energy Agency

Further information

Further information is available at: https://ens.dk/ansvarsomraader/forskning-udvikling/eudp


Further information

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