Use of the grid

Updated: 04.01.2019

Author: Karl Wikberg

The plant operator is statutorily entitled against the grid operator to use the grid (§ 24 Act 1009/2018). Renewable energy plants shall be given priority use of the grid.


Process flow

A plant operator shall be entitled to use the grid only if his plant complies with the established technical requirements for grid use (§ 26 Act 1009/2018).

Priority to renewable energy

  • Priority to renewable energy
  • Non-discrimination

Renewable energy shall be given priority use of the grid (§ 27c par. 5 Act 1009/2018).


Plant operators are entitled to priority use of the grid, i.e. in case of capacity shortage they shall have priority use over the producers of electricity from conventional energy sources. Producers of electricity from conventional sources are obliged to reduce their electricity exports if necessary. This principle of priority can be overruled for reasons of network security, i.e. to guarantee the technical quality and the balance of the grid (§ 27c Act 1009/2018). 

Distribution of costs

Plant operator

The cost of grid use is borne by the plant operator, who has to pay use of grid charges (§ 24 Act 1009/2018). 

The cost of use of the grid by wind or solar energy plant is borne by the plant owner and the transmission grid operator and the Ministry of Energy, Utility and Climate (§ 30 Act 1194/2018).


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