Grid development

Updated: 04.01.2019

Author: Karl Wikberg

In general, the grid operators shall act on their own responsibility and expand their grids to the extent necessary. If a grid operator fails to satisfy his obligation to expand the grid, the Ministry for Climate and Energy shall delegate responsibility for the expansion of the grid to (§ 20 Act 1009/2018). The grid operator is not obliged to the plant operators to expand his grid.


Process flow

The grid operator is statutorily obliged to expand the grid if the expansion is necessary to guarantee the efficient transmission of electricity (§ 20 Act 1009/2018). 

The target of increasing the use of renewable energy sources is given special attention whenever necessary (§ 21 Act 1009/2018).

Enforcement of claims

Statutory law does not give rise to an enforceable claim for grid expansion.


There are no deadlines for grid reinforcement.

Distribution of costs


In effect, the costs of an expansion of the grid are borne by the consumers (§§ 8, 67 Act 1009/2018).

Distribution mechanism

The costs of an expansion of the grid are first borne by the grid operator in charge (§ 67 Act 1009/2018). The grid operator may then pass on these costs to the consumers (§ 8 Act 1009/2018). Every consumer is charged an additional fee, the so-called Public Service Obligation (PSO). The fee depends on each consumer's individual level of consumption. The fees are determined by four times a year. According to, the fees are then paid to the grid operators.


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