Denmark: Overall Summary

In Denmark, electricity from renewable sources is mainly promoted through a premium tariff and net-metering. The premium tariff for offshore wind parks is awarded through tenders. Renewable energy sources for heating purposes are exempt from the tax obligations on the production, supply and use of energy sources. The use of biogas for heating purposes is supported through a direct tariff. The main incentive for renewable energy use in transport is a quota system. Selling of biogas for transport purposes is supported through a direct tariff.

Access of electricity from renewable energy sources to the grid shall be granted according to the principle of non-discrimination. With regard to the use of the grid, renewable energy shall be given priority. The connection of a heat generation plant to a district heating network in Denmark always involves grid development, since the construction of a plant must occur simultaneously with the development of the district heating grid.

There are a number of policies aiming at promoting the development, installation and use of RES installations.


Further information

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