Training programmes for installers

Updated: 23.01.2019

Author: Ivana Naydenova

The content of the training programmes is regulated by Ordinance No. 41 on the vocational education for “fitters of energy equipment and installations”. Installers of renewable energy facilities shall be able to:

  • explain the purpose, principle of operation and constructions of RES plants, equipment and work processes
  • explain the technical and technological installation requirements
  • participate in preparations of the site and select the necessary equipment
  • assemble and disassemble facilities, pipes and fittings complying with the technological order
  • report the implementation of these activities (item 4 no. 17 Ordinance No. 41)


Educational requirements to obtain the second degree of qualification in the profession “fitter of energy facilities and equipment” from the list of professions for vocational education and training issued by the Ministry of Education (item 1.1 Ordinance No. 41): 

  • students: 
    • completed primary education or one grade of secondary education for a training period of less than 4 years 
    • completed primary education for a training period of 4 years 
  • persons aged 16: 
    • one grade of secondary education or completed secondary education for a training period of one year
    • completed primary education for a training period of 4 years

Applicants for training programmes, which have no formal professional degree but experience in the profession “fitter of energy facilities and equipment”, can be accepted to a follow up training after being examined by a commission (item 1.2 Ordinance No. 41).

Competent authority

The procedure for issuing the certificate and entry in the register is determined by the Minister of Economy and Energy following the suggestion of the SAMTS.

Further information

A detailed description of the professional training and contents of the final examination can be found in Ordinance No. 41.

Distribution of costs

Private Financing

The costs for the professional training and examination are borne by the installers themselves.


Further information

  • Държавната агенция за метрологичен и технически надзор (ДАМТН) – State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance (SAMTS)
  • +359 2 980 89 20
  • SAMTS website
  • damtn(at)

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