Grid development

Updated: 23.01.2019

Author: Ivana naydenova

A claim by a plant operator against the grid operator for the expansion of the grid may arise only if the reinforcement is required to connect a renewable energy plant and if both parties have already signed a connection agreement (art. 116 par. 1, 3 Energy Act).

Entitled party:
The persons entitled to the expansion of the grid are the plant operators (art. 116 par. 1, 3 Energy Act).

Obligated party: The grid operator whose grid is most closely located is obliged to expand his grid (art. 116 par. 1, 3 Energy Act in conjunction with art. 27 par. 2 ERSA).


Process flow

The grid operator's general obligation to expand the grid is based on statutory law. Individual claims may arise in the course of the grid connection process. The regulatory authority EWRC ensures the grid operators' compliance with the obligations arising from the connection agreements (art. 21 par. 1 item 4, 5 Energy Act).


Deadlines for the reinforcement of the grid are specified in the connection agreements.

Distribution of costs

Grid operator

The costs of the expansion of the grid are borne by the owner of the respective grid (art. 27 par. 2 ERSA).

Grid studies

The Bulgarian TSO has drawn up a 10-Year-Net-Development-Plan for the period 2015–2024 for the transmission grid:


Further information

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