Certification Programmes for RES installations

Updated: 18.12.2018

Author: Tim Sternkopf

RES installations must meet certain quality standards in order to be able to be entitled to promotion. These quality criteria are established by the Austrian Standards Institute in the form of Ö-Normen (Austrian standards). These standards can be categorised according to following special fields:

  • Machine safety
  • Electrical engineering and energy management
  • Noise restriction
  • Air quality management
  • Fermentation / waste disposal
  • Water management

Competent authority

The most important Austrian certificates are awarded by following authorities:


Machine safety: Austrian Association of Gas and Water (ÖVGW)

Electrical engineering and energy management: Austrian Electrotechnical Association (ÖVE)

Noise restriction: Austrian Society for Noise Abatement (ÖAL)

Further information

Further information concerning the certification of RES installations can be found on following website: https://www.austrian-standards.at/en/products-services/certification/product-certification/


Further information