Grid issues in Albania


Updated: 05.02.2019

Author: Tim Sternkopf

Provisions in detail

Summary of grid issues

Connection to the grid

The grid operator is obliged to connect to the system any energy generating plant meeting the conditions for connection.

Renewable energy is given priority with regards to grid connection.

Statutory provisions

  • Renewable Energy Law (Ligj No. 7/2017 për Nxitjen e Përdorimit të Energjisë nga Burimet e Rinovueshme - Law 7/2017 on Renewable Energy Sources)
  • Power Sector Law (Ligj Nr. 43/2015 për Sektorin Energjisë  Elektrike - Law 43/2015 on Power Sector)
  • Grid Code (Kodi_i_Transmetimit_Vendim_Nr_123 - Transmission Code Decision Nr. 123) 
  • Distribution Code (Kodi i Funksionimit te Shperndarjes Vendim Nr. 100 - Distribution Code Decision Nr. 100).


Further information