Connection to the grid

Updated: 18.02.2019

Author: Jörn Banasiak

Plant operators are contractually entitled to connection to the grid (art 2 EnV). The costs for grid connection are borne by the energy suppliers (art 10 Par. 3 EnV). 


Process flow

The producer of electricity from renewable sources is obligated to apply for the connection to the grid. Information on planning, construction and operation of the connection has to be included in the application (3.2.1. Par. 2 DC 2014; 6.2.1. Par. 1 TC 2013).

After receiving the application, the grid operator shall ensure that the plant operator complies with the technical requirements of a specific connection point of the grid (3.2.1. Par. 3 DC 2014; 6.2.1. Par. 3 TC 2013).

If all requirements are fulfilled the grid operator shall make a grid connection offer to the plant operator (3.2.1. Par. 5 DC 2014; 6.2.1. Par. 4 TC 2013).

If the conditions of grid at the specific connection point are not sufficient for a connection of the plant, the grid operator with the support of the plant operator shall define jointly the required measure to reinforce or enlarge the grid to ensure a connection of the plant. (3.2.1. Par. 4 DC 2014; 6.2.1. Par. 5 TC 2013).

Subject to an agreement between the grid operator and the plant operator regarding the concept for the connection of the plant and if all connection obstacles are positively solved, the grid operator shall offer within due time the conclusion of a connection contract, determining inter alia the required reinforcement and enlargement measures as well as the deadlines for the connection (3.2.1. Par. 5 DC 2014; 6.2.1. Par. 7 TC 2013).


The grid operators (TSO/DSO) shall notify the applicant within 30 days whether the technical requirements are sufficient to feed in the electricity from the new plant (art. 3i EnV). Furthermore, the grid operator determines all deadlines concerning the general technical requirements being stipulated before grid connection (3.2.1. Par. 5 DC 2014; 6.2.1. TC 2013).

Obligation to inform

According to 3.2.1. Par. 4 of the Distribution Code and 6.3.3. of the Transmission Code, the plant operator and the grid owner shall determine the following criteria, inter alia:

  • Safety regulations
  • Specific requirements for the grid connection
  • Period for the realisation of the grid connection
  • Connection capacity and short-circuit power
  • Responsibilities and cost bearings for the construction, operation, maintenance, replacement and decommissioning

Priority to renewable energy

  • Priority to renewable energy
  • Non-discrimination

According to 2 Par. 1 of the distribution Code and 3.3. Par. 2 und 6.1. Par. 2 c of the Transmission Code, access to the transmission grid shall be granted in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner. 

Capacity limits (quantitative criteria)

The grid operator can deny access to the grid if the requirements of the Transmission Code are not fulfilled (3.2.1 . Par. 4, 6; 6.2.1. TC 2013).

Distribution of costs


The costs for grid connection are borne by the energy supplier (art. 10 EnV). 

Distribution mechanism

The energy supplier shall bear the costs for the construction of the wire between the plant and the connection point of the grid as well as transformation costs. Furthermore, costs arising from technical measurements to avoid disturbing effects have to be borne by the producer (art. 10 EnV).


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