Promotion in Poland


Updated: 09.01.2019

Author: Krzysztof Ignaciuk

Summary of support schemes

  • Tenders (auctions). Currently, the main incentive for renewable energy use in Poland are tenders. The first tender was organised in December 2016. 
  • Quota system (renewable portfolio standards). Until 2016, the main support scheme was a quota system in terms of a quota obligation, which was combined with a certificate trading scheme. Certificates are awarded to the producers of electricity from renewable sources. Currently, the installations that started to produce energy before the new law came into force, can choose to remain in the scheme or migrate to the tender support scheme.
  • Feed-in tariff and feed-in premium for small biogas and hydropower plants up to 1 MW. Owners of small biogas and hydro plants are eligible for a FiT (up to 500 kW) or a FiP (0.5-1 MW). 
  • Support scheme for prosumers. Owners of micro-installations (with capacity up to 50 kW) are allowed to exchange the surplus of energy produced under favourable conditions for gaps in energy production. The ratio is 1 to 0.8 for capacity up to 10 kW and 1 to 0.7 in the case of micro-installations between 10 and 50 kW). 
  • Tax incentives. Producers of electricity from renewable sources are exempt from the tax on the sale and consumption of electricity. 
  • Loan. The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management grants low interest loans to support the purchase and installation of RES installations. 
  • Subsidy. The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) grants low-interest loans together with subsidies to support the purchase and installation of small and micro-RES installations for the needs of residential single-family or multi-family houses.


In general, all technologies are eligible for support.

Statutory provisions

  • Energy Law (Prawo energetyczne – general energy law)
  • RES-Act (Ustawa o odnawialnych źródłach energii – Renewable Energy Sources Act)
  • Order of 5/5/2014 changing the Order of 18/10/2012 (Rozporządzenie Ministra Gospodarki z dnia 5 maja 2014 r. – order on the quota obligation)
  • Environmental Protection Act (Prawo ochrony środowiska – law on environmental protection)
  • Excise Tax Act (Ustawa o podatku akcyzowym – general tax law)
  • Priority Programme RES “Stork” (Program priorytetowy. Rozproszone, odnawialne źródła energii - Priority programme. Distributed, renewable energy)
  • “Prosumer” (SYSTEM, cz. 3) Prosument - Linia dofinansowania z przeznaczeniem na zakup i montaż mikroinstalacji odnawialnych źródeł energii – SYSTEM, part 3) Prosumer - Financing for purchase and installation of micro-installations of renewable energy sources) – application period closed
  • Order of 16/03/2017 (Rozporządzenie Ministra Energii z dnia 16 marca 2017 r. w sprawie ceny referencyjnej energii elektrycznej z odnawialnych źródeł energii w 2017 r. oraz okresów obowiązujących wytwórców, którzy wygrali aukcje w 2017 r. – Order of the Polish Minister of Energy of 16 March 2017  establishing the reference price of electric energy from renewable energy sources in 2017 and periods obligating producers who won auctions in 2017)


Further information

  • Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne. PSE Operator S.A. – Polish Transmission System Operator
  • PSE website