Grid issues in Poland


Updated: 09.01.2019

Author: Krzysztof Ignaciuk

Summary of grid issues

Connection to the grid

Grid operators are obliged to enter into agreements with the operators of renewable energy plants. However, they must apply objective rules to ensure equal treatment of all plant operators. The cost of connecting a plant to the grid shall be borne by the plant operator. Plants that generate electricity from renewable energy sources whose capacity does not exceed 5 MW are subject to reduced connection charges. The connection of micro-installations is free of charge (Art. 7 par. 8 No. 3 Energy Law).

Use of the grid

The grid operators are obliged to give electricity from renewable sources priority of transmission. The grid may be used as set out in the connection agreement. The minimum content of a connection agreement is set out in the Energy Law. The costs of use of the grid are added to the electricity prices. Thus, the consumers bear these costs via the electricity bill (Art. 45 par. 1 No. 2 Energy Law).

Grid development

Grid operators are obliged to develop their grids according to the general provisions of Energy Law (Art. 9c par. 2 No. 4; Art. 9 c par. 3 No. 3 Energy Law). However, plant operators are not entitled to the development of the grid. There are no specific regulations on the distribution of the costs of grid development.

Statutory provisions

  • Prawo energetyczne (Energy Law)
  • Ustawa o odnawialnych źródłach energii (RES-Act)


Further information

  • Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne. PSE Operator S.A. – Polish Transmission System Operator
  • PSE website