Certification Programmes for RES installations

Updated: 09.01.2019

Author: Stijn Anciaux

Certification of heat pumps and solar boilers is governed through Komo, an independent accredited certifying body. The certification is based on an evaluation guideline (BRL6000), subdivided into heat pump boilers (6000-12), heat pumps (6000-12, 6000-13 and 6000-18) and solar boilers (6000-14). The BRL focuses on the various practical operational processes and is therefore a form of operational certification. The BRL also clarifies the requirements for the materials, products and/or feedstock that are used. The certification focuses on both organisational and project-related aspects and includes practical testing. Solid and liquid biomass are categorised according to the NTA 8003.

For more information see http://kvinl.nl (Quality for installations Netherlands)


Electro-technical and gas-technical installation companies, including renewable energy installations.

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