Policy in Malta


Updated: 05.02.2019

Author: Jörn Banasiak

Summary of policies

RES installations must be registered under the Malta Resources Authority in order to be eligible for support schemes for the domestic sector in Malta.

Statutory provisions

  • GN 52/2010 (Registration of Solar Water Heaters, Solar Collectors and Photovoltaic Systems - Registrazzjoni ta’Solar Water Heaters, Solar Collectors u Sistemi Fotovoltajiċi) 
  • GN 1302/2014 (Scheme for the Registration of Training Courses Leading to the Certification of Renewable Energy Systems Installers, Providers of Energy Services, Energy Auditors and Energy Managers)


Further information

  • The Institute for Sustainable Energy of the University of Malta
  • Prof. Robert Ghirlando
  • +356 2340 2361
  • UM website
  • Regulator for Energy & Water Services
  • +356 2295 5000
  • REWS website