Training programmes for installers

Updated: 21.12.2018

Author: Jurga Tallat-Kelpšaitė

According to the Law on Energy from Renewable Sources, engineers need to be certified in order to be able to install:


  • biomass boilers and non-brick furnaces
  • photovoltaic and solar thermal energy production equipment
  • geothermal plants and heat pumps (Chapter IX Art. 45 Par. 4 Law of Energy from Renewable Sources).

For the certification, installers of the above listed renewable technologies are trained in special training courses. (Chapter IV Item 17 Order No. 1-329/2014).

Requirements for certification courses are listed in the Procedure for the preparation of installers of renewable energy facilities for certification (Order No. 1-329/2014). 


Installers of biomass boilers (up to 100 kW nominal system output power) and masonry stoves, photovoltaic and solar thermal energy production equipment, and geothermal plants and heat pumps (Order No. 1-329/2014).

Competent authority

Training and certification process is administered by the State Energy Inspectorate under the Ministry of Energy (Order No. 1-329/2014).


Further information