Training programmes for Installers

Updated: 07.02.2019

Author: Jasmin Schwarz

Art. 15 of DL 28/11, in connection with DM 37/08, indicates that training programmes for obtaining the professional qualification of installer will have to be set up by regional authorities. Specific indications on the courses, such as mandatory examination and training period, are given in Annex 4 DL 28/11. Taking courses is one of the possible ways of obtaining a professional qualification, the other are as follows:


  • a university diploma,
  • a senior technician diploma provided according to the guidelines set out in the Presidential Decree of the Council of Ministers of 25 January 2008,
  • a technical institute diploma with two years of experience afterwards,
  • a period of four years’ experience in a related company with a title validating the acquired skills,
  • a period of three years as specialized installer working for a qualified company (Art. 4, c. 1, ll. a-d DM 37/08 as amended by art. 1, c. 50 L 107/2015)





People wishing to obtain, through a course, a professional qualification of installer of biomass boilers, fireplaces and heaters, building-mounted PV and solar thermal plants, low enthalpy geothermal plants and heat pumps (Art. 15, c. 1, DL 28/11).

Competent authority

Authorities at regional level or, if they had not established such programmes before the original deadline of 31 December 2012, ENEA (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development) (Art. 15, c. 4, DL 28/11).

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Further information

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