Certification Programmes for RES installations (Certification of RES installations)

Updated: 07.02.2019

Author: Jasmin Schwarz

Installers must provide the owner of the building a declaration certifying compliance with the legislation in force related to the realisation and the installation of a specific plant and with the standards of the Italian National Unification Body (UNI) and of the Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI) (Art. 6, c. 1, DM 37/08).


This programme is addressed to any plant serving a building, regardless of its intended use, meaning it is also related to non-energy-generating plants (Art. 1, c. 1, DM 37/08). Among others the following plants are affected by this law:

  • Electricity production units (Art. 1, c. 2, l. a DM 37/08);
  • Heating, cooling, air conditioning plants (Art. 1, c. 2, l. c DM 37/08).

Competent authority

This is a legal obligation.


Further information

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