Decree No. 7/2006

Updated: 07.01.2019

Name (orig)

7/2006. (V. 24.) TNM rendelet

Name (English)

Ministry without Portfolio Decree No. 7/2006. (V.24.) on the determination of buildings’ energy performance

Full name

7/2006. (V. 24.) TNM rendelet az épületek energetikai jellemzőinek meghatározásáról

Entry into force


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The decree defines mechanisms and criteria for determining buildings’ energy performance.

Relevance for renewable energy

The decree elaborates on questions and surrounding conditions to be taken into account when considering the integration of renewable energy sources in new buildings. An obligation is laid out to satisfy at least 25% of the buildings’ energy needs with RES, which is applicable to for buildings that will be operationalised after 31 December 2020 and buildings operationalised by authorities after 31 December 2018 (§6 (2) Decree No. 7/2006 and Appen-dix 6. Decree No. 7/2006).


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