Support of RES-H infrastructure

Updated: 08.01.2019

Author: John Szabo

The Environment and Energy Efficiency Operational Programme (EEEOP) refers to RES-H infrastructure development by the means of the tenders (Annex 1 to Decision 1084/2016 (II.29.):

  • EEEOP-5.3.1 “Modernising the district heating sector (by utilizing renewable energy sources)”, HUF 25.07 billion (approx. € 78.1 million). The tender is open.
  • EEEOP-5.3.2. “Satisfying local heating and cooling demand with renewable energy sources”, HUF 19.89 billion (approx. € 61.96 million). The tender is open.


Addressees are specified in the invitations for tender.

Further information

Following the Decision 1084/2016, invitations for tenders will be initiated on a rolling bases. The decree determines the direction of financing and the amount of funding for key areas, allocating HUF 324.06 billion (approx. € 1.01 billion) have and will be allocated to the “enhancement of energy efficiency and the application of renewable energy sources”.

Eligible for subsidies are inter alia civil organisations, church institutions, companies and public institutions. This scheme integrates 5 financing priorities (1 – highest priority and 5- lowest priority):

  • Adaptation to climate change
  • Development of municipal water and sanitation infrastructure
  • Waste management
  • Environmental measures and development
  • Enhancement of energy efficiency and the application of renewable energy sources 

Invitation to tenders are published under: 


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