RES-H building obligations

Updated: 08.01.2019

Author: John Szabo

According to Decree No. 7/2006, new building projects must evaluate (and record the evaluation process) the use of environmentally preferable alternatives (§ 5 par. (1) Decree No. 7/2006). Furthermore, in case of energy-refurbishment of existing buildings, the buildings need to fulfil energy efficiency requirements after the renovation as outlined in annex 1part I., IV. and V. of Decree No. 7/2006 (§§ 6 par. (1) d), Decree No. 7/2006).

The National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) from 2010 envisages obligations for minimum levels of renewable energy in new and newly refurbished buildings. For this purpose, the Decree of the Hungarian Electrical Works Plc. (MVM) No. 39/2015 (IX. 14.) on the modification of the determination of buildings’ energy performance by Decree No. 7/2006 (V.24.) introduces the standards for and the term of ’buildings with almost zero energy needs’ (‘közel nulla ener-giaigényű épület’). Moreover, an obligation is laid out to satisfy at least 25% of the buildings’ energy needs with RES in the case of buildings that will be operationalised after 31 December 2020 and buildings operationalised by authorities after 31 December 2018 (§6 (2) Decree No. 7/2006 and Appendix 6. Decree No. 7/2006).


According to the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority, the use of renewable energy sources in new buildings recommended by Decree No. 7/2006 should be considered in the course of the building licensing process. Thus, the recommendation is addressed to the applicant for a building licence. This will turn into an obligation taking § 6 (2) a) of Decree No. 7/2006. (V.24.) into account for the time period after 31 December 2020 and is addressed to every applicant of a building license. According to § 6 (2) b) of Decree No. 7/2006. (V.24.), the obligation to partly meet a build-ing’s energy needs from RES (at least 25%) will apply to authority-used or owned buildings operationalised after 31 De-cember 2018. 

Competent authority

The Ministry for Innovation and Technology and the Minister of State for Climate Change and Energy are responsible for the im-plementation of this regulation.

Further information

Further information on which aspects should be considered for the use of renewable energy sources in new buildings and energy efficiency requirements after energy renovation of existing buildings can be found in annex 1part I. and V. and an-nex 4 of Decree No. 7/2006:

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