France: Overall summary

In France, electricity from renewable sources is promoted through a feed-in tariff, a premium tariff as well as through tenders for the definition of the premium tariff level. Additionally, tax benefits are also available. The generation of heat through renewable energy plants is promoted through several energy subsidies, tax regulation mechanisms as well as through a zero percent-interest loan. The main support scheme for renewable energy sources used in transport is a quota system. Furthermore, biofuels are supported through fiscal regulation.

The use of the grid for the transmission of electricity from renewable sources is subject to the general legislation on energy. There are no special provisions for electricity from renewable sources. As far as heating and cooling is concerned, public distribution of heat in France is a competence of the local or regional authorities. The procedure of grid connection is at the same time also the procedure for grid development, since the construction of a plant must occur simultaneously with the construction (development) of the district heating grid.

There are various policies aiming at promoting the development, installation and use of RES installations in France, including training programmes, certification schemes or RD&D programmes. 


Further information

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  • Ministère de la Tansition écologique et solidaire - Ministry of the Ecological and Inclusive Transition
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