Use of the grid

Updated: 07.01.2019

Author: Karl Wikberg

The system operator shall sell electricity transmission and distribution services to those who need them (§ 21 Act No. 588/2013). 

Entitled party. Entitled party for electricity and distribution services are everyone who need them (§ 21 Act No. 588/2013). This includes every plant operator whose plant has been connected to the grid and who requires grid capacity.

Obligated party. The party obliged to grant connection to the grid is the licensed grid operator whose area the plant is situated in. The grid operator's area of operation is determined by his licence (§ 9 Act No. 588/2013).


Process flow

The plant operator is contractually entitled to grid access against the grid operator. 

The claim arises at the date of conclusion of the agreement between the plant operator entitled and the grid operator. The grid operator is obliged by law to enter into this agreement. Plant operators are entitled to compensation for damage caused by a breach of duty by the grid operator (§ 107 Act No. 588/2013).


The Act does not lay out a time frame for the process of grid usage. 

Priority to renewable energy

  • Priority to renewable energy
  • Non-discrimination

The grid operator is obliged to grant access to the grid according to non-discriminatory criteria unless the grid is used to full capacity (§§ 21, 18 Act No. 588/2013). Electricity from renewable sources is not given priority.


The grid operator shall provide its services only within the limits of the transmission capacity of the grid (§ 21 Act No. 588/2013). Apart from this principle, grid stability is not regulated by law.

Distribution of costs


According to the Energy Authority, the cost of use of the grid is borne by the consumers.

Distribution mechanism

The grid operator may charge a reasonable fee for the use of his grid (§ 21 Act No. 588/2013). According to the Energy Authority, this fee is passed on to the consumers in the form of grid use charges. 


Further information

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