Promotion in Estonia


Updated: 17.01.2019

Author: Lilian Pungas

Summary of support schemes

Support schemes in transport sector include a blending mandate as well as financial support for domestic biomethane producers and the construction of biomethane filling stations.


Support is eligible for domestic biomethane technology (production, distribution and infrastructure). 

Statutory provisions

  • Subsidies for the Use of Biomethane in the Transport Sector (Biometaani transpordisektoris tarbimise toetamise tingimused RT I, 25.11.2015, 9 – Subsidies for the Use of Biomethane in the Transport Sector)
  • Act on Biomethane Market Development Support (Biometaanituru arendamise toetamise toetuse kasutamise tingimused ja kord RT I, 15.09.2017, 9 – Conditions and procedure for the use of support for the development of the biomethane market)


Further information

  • Majandus- ja Kommunikatsiooniministeerium (MKM) – Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
  • Siim Meeliste
  • +372 625 63 42
  • MKM website
  • info(at)