Use of the grid

Updated: 17.01.2019

Author: Lilian Pungas

The grid operator is obliged by law to transmit electricity via its grid (§ 65 par. 1 no. 4 ELTS). The grid operator shall ensure the measurement of the amounts of electricity supplied to and from its network (§ 67 par. 1 ELTS).


Process flow

There is no formal procedure for the use of the grid.

Competent authority

Elering AS (;

Elektrilevi OÜ (


Statutory law does not specify any time limits or deadlines.

Priority to renewable energy

  • Priority to renewable energy
  • Non-discrimination

Statutory law does not give priority to renewable energy. The grid operator shall respect the principle of non-discrimination when providing grid services to the market participants (§ 65 par. 2 ELTS).


Due to technical reasons or in order to guarantee stability in supply, the transmission system operator may oblige the plant operators to increase or reduce the output of their plants (§ 40 par. 2 ELTS).

Distribution of costs

Grid operator

According to the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, The electricity buyer bears the costs of grid use (§ 71 par. 1 no. 4 ELTS). The grid charge is added on top of the price paid for consumed electricity. 

Distribution mechanism

Statutory law does not provide for a distribution mechanism.


Further information

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