Czech Republic: Overall Summary

In the Czech Republic, renewable energy is supported through either a guaranteed feed-in tariff or a fixed premium tariff (so-called green bonus) paid on top of the market price. Plant operators are free to choose either option. Operators of hydro power plants may receive subsidies under the Operational Programme “Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Competitiveness”. The deployment of photovoltaic systems in public buildings is incentivised from the Operational Programme “Environment”. Furthermore, renewable energy plants are exempt from real estate tax.

Operators of renewable energy plants are entitled to priority connection to the grid. The use and the expansion of the grid are subject to general legislation on energy. 

The heat from renewable energy sources is mainly supported through subsidies under two Operational Programmes funded by the ERDF.

The Czech Republic has introduced a building obligation for new buildings to meet criterion of a near-zero-energy buildings with a very low energy intensity whose energy consumption is largely covered by renewable energy sources starting from 2016.

Czech Republic

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