Bulgaria: Summary

Updated: 23.01.2019

Author: Ivana Naydenova

Support schemes

In Bulgaria, electricity from renewable sources is promoted through a feed-in and a premium tariff.  As of 1 July 2018, the FiTs are terminated and the RES producers, which enjoyed PPAs and FiT are offered to execute Premium contracts with the ESSF by 1 July 2018. The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) regulates the electricity selling price at the wholesale market and the FiT at which the RES producers sell electricity to suppliers. RES-E producers with a total installed capacity of at least 4 MW are obliged to sell their electricity on the exchange.

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Grid issues

In Bulgaria, the connection of renewable energy systems to the grid is subject to the provisions of the general legislation on energy. Renewable energy is not given priority access. Plant operators are contractually entitled to have their electricity dispatched by the grid operator. Grid operators are obliged to upgrade and expand their grids if the upgrade or expansion is required to connect a plant.

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The following policies aim at promoting the development, installation and usage of RES-installations in Bulgaria: There is a professional training programme for RES-installers as wells as a building obligation for the use of renewable heating and for the exemplary role of public authorities 

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Further information

  • Комисия за енергийно и водно регулиране (КЕВР) – Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC)
  • +359 2 9359 733
  • EWRC website
  • dker(at)dker.bg
  • Германо-Българска индустриално-търговска камара (ГБИТК) - German-Bulgarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK)
  • +359 2 81630 21
  • AHK website