Brussels: Net-Metering (mécanisme de compensation)

Updated: 08.02.2019

Author: Stijn Anciaux

In the Brussels-Capital region, small prosumers of green electricity are entitled to benefit from a compensation mechanism for the difference between the amount of electricity taken from the grid and the amount of electricity fed into the grid (net-metering).

Please note: The decree of 17 December 2015 foresees the termination of the net-metering system for the electricity produced by renewable energy installations when the new MIG 6 regulation starts. (Art. 41, Arrêté du 17 décembre 2015).

Eligible technologies

Renewable energy plants with a capacity of maximum 5kW are eligible for net-metering (“mécanisme de compensation”), however only until the MIG 6 regulation begins. This is foreseen somewhere in 2020 (Art. 41, Arrêté du 17 décembre 2015). In order to benefit from net-metering, the installation shall be equipped with two different meters: a bi-directional meter (A+/A-) installed by Sibelga and a “green meter”, certified by Brugel, measuring the electricity produced by the renewable energy plant (detailed information on the website of Bruxelles Environnement as well as on the website of Sibelga).

Wind energy


Solar energy


Geothermal energy









The producer benefits from the compensation mechanism for the period between two meter-readings. The compensation applies for the amount of electricity fed into the distribution grid, provided that the latter does not exceed the amount of electricity taken from the grid (Art.34, Arrêté du 17 décembre 2015).


Each producer of green electricity whose installation has a capacity of maximum 5kW.


Process flow

Before installing a renewable energy plant for the generation of electricity, the plant operator shall contact the distribution grid operator Sibelga. 

Competent authority

The distribution grid operator Sibelga is the competent authority for matters regarding the technical prescriptions such as electric meters.

Distribution of costs

Plant operator

According to the distribution grid operator Sibelga, the costs of the electric meters fall to the plant operator.


Further information

  • Sibelga, gestionnaire des réseaux de distribution d'électricité et de gaz naturel de la région de Bruxelles-Capitale – Sibelga, Distribution System Operator for electricity and gas of the Brussels-Capital region
  • +32 25 49 41 00
  • Sibelga website
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