Promotion in Austria


Updated: 18.12.2018

Author: Tim Sternkopf

Summary of support schemes

The most substantial form of supporting small-scale RES heating and cooling is provided by the Environmental Assistance in Austria (UFI) programme. There are special investment incentives for solar thermal installations, heat pumps, geothermics and biomass heating plants.


  • Solar thermal installations 
  • Heat pumps
  • Biomass heating plants 
  • Geothermics

Statutory provisions

  • UFG (Umweltförderungsgesetz - Environmental Aid Act)
  • Guidelines 2009 (Förderungsrichtlinien 2009 für die Umweltförderung im Inland - Funding Guidelines 2009 for the Environmental Assistance in Austria)
  • Solar Guidelines (Leitfaden Solarthermie – Solare Großanlagen)


Further information

  • Fachverband der Gas- und Wärmeversorgungsunternehmungen (FGW) / Association of Gas- and District Heating Supply Companies (FGW)
  • +43-1-586 15 24-0
  • FGW website
  • office(at)