Policy in Austria


Updated: 18.12.2018

Author: Tim Sternkopf

Summary of policies

  • There are four different specialisation programmes for RES-installers: 
    • Certified heat pump installer 
    • Certified solar heat installer and planner 
    • Certified photovoltaic installer and planner 
    • Certified biomass heating installer 
  • There is no single certification programme for RES installations. However, RES installations must meet certain quality standards in order to be able to be eligible for support. 
  • The exemplary role of public authorities is based on an agreement concluded between the Austrian federal government and the state governments. 
  • While RE measures in industrial and commercial buildings are mainly supported at federal level through the Environmental Aid Act, RE measures for residential buildings largely fall within the sphere of competence of the federal states. 
  • There are investment incentives for the integration of RES in order to reinforce the small-scale regional heat supply in rural areas as well as the expansion of district heating in urban centers.


The available support policies apply for all RES technologies

Statutory provisions

  •  EEffG (Bundesgesetz über die Steigerung der Energieeffizienz bei Unternehmen und dem Bund (Bundes-Energieeffizienzgesetz – Federal Act on the enhancement of energy efficiency targeting businesses and the federal government)
  •  WKLG (Wärme- und Kälteleitungsausbaugesetz - Heating and Cooling Network Expansion)
  •  WKLG-Förderrichtlinie 2015 (Subsidy Guidelines on the Heating and Cooling Network Expansion 2015)
  • Article 15a B-VG Agreement (Vereinbarung gemäß Art. 15a. B-VG zwischen dem Bund und den Ländern über Maßnahmen im Gebäudesektor zum Zweck der Reduktion des Ausstoßes an Treibhausgasen - Agreement pursuant to Article 15a. B-VG between the federation and the federal states on measures in the building sector for the purpose of reducing emissions of greenhouse gases)
  • UFG (Umweltförderungsgesetz - Environmental Aid Act )





Further information

  • Fachverband der Gas- und Wärmeversorgungsunternehmungen (FGW) / Association of Gas- and District Heating Supply Companies (FGW)
  • +43-1-586 15 24-0
  • FGW website
  • office(at)gaswaerme.at