Slovenia: Summary

Updated: 13.02.2019

Author: Saša Rajković

Support schemes

In Slovenia, the main support mechanisms for RES in transport are a quota system, a tax regulation mechanism (excise duty relief) and subsidies provided by the Slovenian Eco Fund in the form of non-repayable grants. The companies importing and producing petrol, gas or diesel fuels are therefore obliged to ensure that biofuels are offered at their petrol stations. 

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Further information

  • Ministrstvo za finance – Finančna Uprava Republike Slovenije – Uprava za davke - Sektor za DDV Ministry of Finance – Financial Office of the Republic of Slovenia – Office for Taxes - Excise Duty Sector
  • +386 1 478 3800
  • Ministry of Finance website
  • gfu.fu(at)
  • Ministrstvo za okolje in prostor – inšpektorat za okolje in prostor (IOP) Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning – Inspectorate for the Environment and Spatial Planning
  • +386 1 420 44 88
  • Ministry's website
  • gp.irsop(at)